Hello there!

Quick round of introductions, meet the team

Ricks head
Rick Lubbers
Founder & Technical Director
Radu's head
Radu Seteanu
Founder & Director of Operations
Andrei's head
Andrei Raureanu
Software Engineer
Krzysztof's head
Krzysztof Wieśniakowski
Junior Software Engineer
Ellis' head
Ellis Lubbers
Oleksandr Zabolotnyy
Junior Software Engineer

Atrocit at Innofuture 2020

We are Atrocit!

With our fresh perspective we approach building crazy good software a little differently. Nice to meet you, we're Atrocit.

Radu Seteanu (left) and Rick Lubbers (right) started Atrocit in January of 2020. Our experience at the intersection of IT and logistics, being involved in education, and our fresh perspective on software, uniquely qualify us to develop amazing products.

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