Looking for Software Engineers

We’re a young software company building high quality custom tools and consulting for a wide range of varying customers. And we're looking for people to help out with building those!

Why should you come work for us?

  • We have a quality-over-quantity work culture
  • We develop awesome tools, and have interesting challenges to work on, both on the technical front and the UI-side of things
  • We don't have product or account managers (on purpose), because we believe you'll get better software if you interact with users directly. So plenty of interaction with customers (if you want)
  • We're a small team, so you'll have a big impact on both the customers and on us
  • At the end of each month we'll make a friendly donation onto a bank account of your choice! We ain't rich, but we pay pretty decently
  • We're flexible on working hours and other conditions
  • We're a-okay with students working on a flexible schedule (but you should average at least 16 hours a week though)
  • Your colleagues are nice people (all of us unanimously agree on this)

When should you not apply?

  • If you dread in-person work. We require you to work on-site. Both for your work/life balance, as well to facilitate learning between more senior and more junior team members. We'd love to explain this policy further, we promise we have good reasons for this. We also realize offices can suck, so we try very hard to make it the best place for work as humanly possible.
  • If you prefer a rigid corporate structure with a tightly defined job description, or if 'not my job' is a thought you regularly have, we are definitely not the place for you.

Hard Requirements

  • Your English is fluent
  • You have experience building digital things with code
  • You are able to work on location in Hengelo (we will soon move to Enschede)

Qualities we get excited about, but are negotiable

  • You speak Dutch
  • You have (some) experience with our tech stack: JavaScript, React, GraphQL, HTML + CSS, Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Docker, NodeJS
  • You can express abstract and complex concepts verbally, but in writing too
  • You're hungry to do and learn more than you currently can

Excited? Apply!

Please shoot an e-mail over to jobs@atrocit.com to schedule a coffee and see if we're a match!