Tailor made software

Looking for the right piece of software? We can help you develop a fitting solution. Even when you have not fully defined what that solution should look like.

How do we approach that?


Dive into the Domain

Good software does not get made by just working from a specification. We dive into your situation. Developing software is easy enough for us, but finding a solid solution to your problem is what makes a project a success.

We don't see ourselves as contractors who merely build software, but mostly as architects, who help dream up the solution. Our view is that we should develop expertise in your domain, not the other way around.


Agree on a Business Model

Ideally we think of a smarter business model than development by the hour. Spreading out development costs, agile and flexible development working within limited budgets, or even setting up a 'round table' development process with multiple companies sharing in the costs, we don't mind thinking outside the box.


Implementation Planning

Delivering useful functionality quickly is what we strive towards. Agile development is more than a flashy buzz word, it is a development philosophy. Together we will plan how to deploy software in your organization: start out small and iterate quickly based on the feedback we get.



Parallel to discussing the implementation plan we can already start building. We dislike bragging, but we are really good at developing software. Superb quality, lightning fast, understandable interfaces, suitable for smartphones, tablets, and desktop screens, while running in the cloud is the default for us.



Using the implementation plan we start rolling out the software in your organization. We will be ready to fix any problems in mere minutes, but thanks to thorough planning going live is usually a breeze.



After deployment we like to reflect on it: What went well, where do we need to improve? We will also look ahead, to see if the priorities changed, or new insights were gained. What is next?


Rinse & Repeat

Software is seldom really finished. Usually goals shift during development, or it is possible to achieve more than previously thought. We like to continue development, and together we will jump back to point 3: setting up an implementation plan for the next step.

We see ourselves as a true IT-partner for the long term, a trustworthy party who delivers quality products.

Time to grab some coffee?

If you are enthusiastic after reading the above, then let's plan a cup of (digital) coffee together. Or if you would like to read more about our grand vision behind this all, have a look.

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