Vision on software

The reason for starting our own company is that we have developed a unique vision on software. We develop using the principles below and we think that this is our strength compared to the competition.


Quality First

We believe in delivering a quality product and thus in building great software. Sounds simple, but we are putting this first for a reason.


Holistic Development

Business and software development are two sides of the same coin. We always try to find a better business model than hourly invoicing, and we do not work with product owners. Creative solutions get created when engineering skills and users cooperate together. There is a time and place for specialization, but that should be the exception, not the rule.


Partners instead of Customers

We actively cooperate in coming up with the right solution, and act like a full IT-partner. Many organizations require a partner who does not just check off a list of features, but actively comes up with ideas on how to create better solutions.


Iterate based on Feedback

Iterating on existing software leads to better results quicker than spending years and years on a great idea without involving users. We believe in feedback: Quick, Often, and Honest. We do not just share a few screenshots during development, but try and get to testable software as quick as we can. Testing with real end users is vital in creating useful software.


Thinking Out-of-the-Box

Some problems are simple. Some problems are not. We love both, and are not afraid to think out of the box to come up with a creative solution. If something can be solved easily, we would rather take that route, but we definitely are not afraid to use machine learning or big data techniques when necessary.

Time to grab some coffee?

If you are enthusiastic after reading the above, then let's plan a cup of (digital) coffee together. Or if you would like to see some more concrete steps, have a look at our process for tailor made software.

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