Our warehouse management system

Fast, user-friendly, and powerful.

Superb support for Value Added Services.

Retyping orders from your e-mail client is a thing of the past.


Automatically receive inbound/outbound orders

Retyping e-mails has become completely unnecessary. From excel files to EDI connections, Wolf can automatically receive your orders for you, save a lot of time and prevent human errors in the process.

Auto-import screen
Product group selector

Mixed cargo

From pallets filled with boxes of tea bags to truck loads of big bags of sand. From paper rolls to steel plates. Cargo comes in many shapes and sizes, and a system designed for pallets doesn't work for bulk goods. We understand that so designed for all kinds of cargo right from the start.

Value Added Services

Packaging processes or light manufacturing tasks are getting more common for logistical operators. With our production module, setting up a process driven warehousing operation is a breeze.

Value added services

Support for every device

Gone are the days of clunky hand scanners with incomprehensible interfaces. Our software runs on:

  • iPhones and iPads
  • Android-phones and Android-tablets
  • Zebra-scanners
  • Windows, macOS and Linux computers

With support for scanner peripherals.
Without complex installation or update processes.


We would love to think along about your use cases! Do not hesitate to contact us.

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